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cover teaser outmatched

I’m so excited to announce my writing partnership with the amazingly talented Kristen Callihan! Our upcoming release OUTMATCHED is set for release Nov 19. Yay!
The cover reveal is Aug 30 (it’s adorable!) and we’d love you to participate in the reveal! Here is the sign up form to do so –

Preorder links will be available from Aug 30. For now here’s the blurb

What happens when an ex-boxer finds chemistry with a geek girl? This is one knockout they aren’t prepared for.

Rhys Morgan is a name that used to mean something to people. I was a heavyweight champion boxer, celebrated for my sharp instincts in the ring. That was before. Now, I’ve got a gangster on my back, my late father’s gym to save from ruin, and a brother who refuses to find a decent job.

When I discover the little brat is interviewing to be the boy toy of some spoiled rich girl, I take his place. Only the woman I’m about to tell off is a cute geek and can more than hold her own with me.

Parker Brown has problems too. She’s landed her dream job in renewable energy, but it comes with an old-fashioned boss who wants to see her settling down before he offers her a promotion. Even though we can hardly stand each other, posing as Parker’s boyfriend is a win-win deal. She gets to keep her job, and I’ll charm her boss into sponsoring my gym.

The trouble is this pixie-sized scientist is also gorgeous. And funny. And not even remotely impressed by me. She’s a sucker-punch to the heart. I can’t keep my hands—or my mind—off her. But a girl like Parker isn’t meant for a guy like me.

They say opposites attract. Parker and I are about to combust on impact.