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To my siblings, Jane was a friend. A pseudo-sister, the girl we grew up with.

To me? She was everything.

Our passion consumed us.

When our world fell apart, I thought our love would be the thing that held us together.

She was the love of my life. But she abandoned me when I needed her most.

And I'll never forgive her.

For years I've been planning my revenge against the people who took everything from me.

Jane won't be an exception. I'm coming for her.

She knows it.

She says she wants to help me serve my version of justice on the people who hurt me.

I'll let her.

She probably thinks it will save her from me.

It won't.

What early reviews are saying:

“BRILLIANT… CAPTIVATING… INTENSE…PASSIONATE…This book had me in twisted knots all the way through.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“Five stars is not enough for this brilliant book!”

Goodreads Reviewer

“Its the kind of book that reaches right into your heart and soul”

Goodreads Reviewer

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Release Day!May 14, 2020
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