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“Bailey, usually the rambling is f***ing cute, but can you just shut up this one time?” He was trying to work out in his head what it was he was going to say to her once he got her in his penthouse. They stopped at the elevators and she pulled at his hold.
What were the right words? Were there right words? There had to be right words . . .
“Vaughn.” This time she moved into him, and his whole being came alive at the sensation of her soft curves pressed against his hard body.
“Your staff and guests are looking,” she whispered, her gaze appeasing. “Why don’t you let me go and I’ll promise to come upstairs with you. And while you consider that, why don’t you think about how much my having to ask you that makes you sound like a kidnapping bastard.”
Her words pierced through his single-minded determination… His grip on her eased and he found himself smirking at her teasing. “I want to kiss you,” he murmured.
Bailey’s lips parted in surprise, and her voice sounded a little breathy when she told him, “Maybe I shouldn’t be alone with you after all.”

—EVERY LITTLE THING (hart’s boardwalk #2)
Out March 7th 2017.

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