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One Day, a Valentine Short Cover


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A Valentine’s Day gift to my readers, ONE DAY, a Valentine Novella (19k words) is a silly, sexy, fun read and is now LIVE and exclusive to Wattpad!

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Read ONE DAY here:

Getting dumped four times over the course of the past ten years on Valentine’s Day was definitely not in Hazel Benny’s life plan. So when her boyfriend of three months dumps her a week before Valentine’s Day to save her the humiliation of a fifth VD dumping, Hazel decides to take a break from life altogether by borrowing her brother’s camper van and taking off to the highlands.
Life in the camper van is going great—fresh air, beautiful scenery, a deeper bond with her homeland, no work, and best of all no men!

Until Valentine’s Day.

Getting caught in the woods with her pants down is the last thing Hazel expected to happen to her on the dreaded romantic day. Worse still getting caught by attractive American, Liam Brody, an annoyingly sexy man the universe seems intent on throwing her way for the day.

By the time this year’s Valentine’s Day is over, Hazel will have only one question on her mind:
How could one day, one tiny little day, change her life so epically…



Sam x