It’s that day again…

Did you know I have two FREE Valentine stories out in the world? Well I do! VALENTINE: An On Dublin Street Novella It’s Valentine’s Day! How do Joss & Braden, Ellie & Adam, Jo & Cam, Olivia & Nate, Hannah & Marco and Shannon & Cole keep the fire burning in their relationships while trying [...]

Happy 2017!

I want to thank you for 2016. It's been a fabulous year for some, a sad year for others, and in the grand scheme of things more than a little bit chaotic. For me, among many things, it has been another year in writing. Since 2010 I've published 28 novels and novellas with two more [...]

Happy Holiday Season!

For those of my readers who celebrate I'm wishing you a very merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy holiday season! Thank you all for another wonderful year in writing. I genuinely have the best, most supportive readers ever and I feel very lucky to have you. And since it's Tuesday here's a teaser from my upcoming [...]


  *TEASER TUESDAY* “Bailey, usually the rambling is f***ing cute, but can you just shut up this one time?” He was trying to work out in his head what it was he was going to say to her once he got her in his penthouse. They stopped at the elevators and she pulled at his [...]

German Readers Choice Awards!

A Huge THANK YOU... To my German language readers! THE REAL THING (English language title "THE ONE REAL THING) has been shortlisted by German readers in DER LESERPREIS - the largest German readers choice awards. What's more is that you guys nominated KING'S WAY (English language title ONE KING'S WAY) and VALENTINE for best e-book only [...]

TEASER: Every Little Thing

Anger swirled with passion, lust, and other devilish things inside me. I stepped into his personal space, our lips merely inches from one another and his dropped to my mouth with hot focus. I ignored the impulse to kiss him. “Cowardice is such an unattractive quality in a man,” I whispered, and his gaze flew [...]