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Answers to Samantha’s most frequently asked questions.

  • What is the On Dublin Street reading order?
  1. On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street #1)
  2. Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2)
  3. Until Fountain Bridge (Ebook Novella #2.5)
  4. Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3)
  5. Castle Hill (Ebook Novella #3.5)
  6. Fall From India Place (On Dublin Street #4)
  7. Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5)
  8. Valentine (Ebook Novella #5.5)
  9. Moonlight on Nightingale Way (On Dublin Street #6)
  10. One King’s Way (Ebook Novella #6.5) Out November 3rd 2015

  • Will you write any of the On Dublin Street novels from the hero’s perspective?

Nope. But readers can get a taste of each hero’s thoughts in the free read section on the blog.

  • Will you write books for Lowe and for Beck and Claudia from the Into the Deep duology?

At the moment I’m busy concentrating on other projects. I cannot say for definite whether I will write books for the secondary characters from Into the Deep, but it’s something I might think about doing in the future.

  • Will you write a sequel to Slumber?

Not any time soon. For now Slumber is a standalone and will remain a standalone. If I’m struck by inspiration in the future for a sequel, then great! But I cannot say for definite that a sequel will happen.

  • Is there going to be a fourth book in the Tale of Lunarmorte?

Nope. The Tale of Lunarmorte is a trilogy.

  • Is there going to be anymore books in the Fire Spirits series?

Nope. Fire Spirits concluded in book four 🙂

  • Do you sell signed copies of your books?

Unfortunately, I do not. It’s time consuming and I don’t have a system set up for it. I prefer to put all my time into writing 🙂

  • I’d like to send you my copy of your book for you to sign. If I pay for postage will you sign and send it back?

Unfortunately, not. I get so many requests to do this that it would be as time consuming as selling signed copies. It would be unfair to say yes to some and no to others.

  • Would you be able to send me your autograph or signed bookmark?

Unfortunately, not. I get so many requests to do this that it would be as time consuming as selling signed books. It would be unfair to say yes to some and no to others.

  • I’m organizing a book signing event in the US. Can you attend as a signing author?

I so appreciate being invited to events! Because I’m based in the UK, I can only attend a couple of US book events annually. I get asked to a number of events every year and book up fast, so it’s best to send an invite at least a year in advance.

  • I signed up to your newsletter but I’m not receiving them in my email.

Please double check your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving the newsletter then email authorsamanthayoung@gmail.com and we’ll check your information has been added to the newsletter list correctly.

  • How often does the newsletter go out?

The newsletter goes out whenever I have book news updates,  a blog giveaway or a special announcement. No set amount of newsletters a month etc.

  • Can I get an ARC copy of your books?

I don’t distribute ARCs. Readers will have to contact my publisher if they’d like to receive an ARC.

  • When will your books be published in my country and language?

Due to my increasing number of foreign rights deals it is difficult to maintain an accurate and update account of which titles have been/are going to be published in which country and language. Please contact the relevant publisher directly for information. Thank you.

If there’s a question on the blog that hasn’t been answered please make your enquiries to authorsamanthayoung@gmail.com only, and not via social media. Thank you!

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